The biggest tease of my life

Genre: Sport, Comedy
Episodes: 12
Release: 2016

I have finally watched this highly recommended anime! It was talked up quite a bit when it first came out and I can definitely see why.

Now this post is going to be for people who have seen the series (sorry!) because this isn’t to criticize the anime or to recommend/not recommend you watch this. I simply need to talk about one of the aspects of the story that really got to me. Continue reading


Hollywood did it again…

death note sky

How did this tension filled cat and mouse story turn into a selfish immature teen drama? Well no one said Hollywood was perfect, and I really hope no one had their hopes up on this one.

There are so many reason why I could tell you why this film failed on a personal, biased level. However, I don’t want this post to be seen as just another rant.

The first problem they had was the fact that they were trying to condense a 108 chapter long manga; a 37 episode anime; over 12 hours worth of content into a 1 1/2 hour long film. That in itself isn’t an easy task and I can’t personally find an example of someone who has condensed that much content into a single film successfully. There is so much content to work with and without making major story changes, it doesn’t seem very possible.

Aside from that challenge, but along with the theme of change, the reason why this film failed was namely because it put itself at a weird crossroad. It wasn’t fully changed and westernized, but it also didn’t keep enough of the original content to call itself a successfully integration of old and new. For this film to be better, all this film really needed to do was to cut one character, Ryuk.

I love Ryuk to bits, he is a fun character and provides an interesting perspective on the events and story in the manga. But he simply doesn’t make sense in this US adaptation. For those who read the manga or watched the anime will know that Ryuk is a shinigami, a god of death, a creature that is connected to Japanese culture and folklore.

So to have Ryuk just show up in the adaptation with no real backstory or reason for his existence, he doesn’t serve to be a purposeful character in the slightest. They briefly touched on Ryuk being attached to Japanese history by showing a picture of him the a book, but then there was no follow up. Then all Ryuk really did in the film was egg on Light to use the death note. Ryuk didn’t need to be there, Light could have used the notebook on his own accord. So that begs the question, why was he there?

Simple, fan service.

The elements kept from the original content were there as simple fan service and to keep the fans “happy” by not completely changing the story. But the funny thing is that there were so many other changes made that counteracted those elements that it left the overall story incomplete.

Basically, because there are core aspects of the original story that are so fundamentally associated with Japanese culture it’s hard to translate that over to Western culture without making some major changes. As an adaption, I feel like you are allowed to take creative liberties and change things to better suit your medium, condense content to aid the story and appeal to the audiences you are trying to reach. However, these changes still need to retain the core of the original content and make a sound story.

For example, Japan has adapted American films in the past like “Unforgiven” and “My Fair Lady”. What made those adaptations work was the fact that they took the main concept and then they made it their own, but they went full out. They made changes to appeal to a Japanese audience, playing with their tropes and typical movie characters, while still having a complete story. You can’t borderline copy and paste a moment from the original content and expect it to work in smooth conjunction with so many other story changes.

Honestly if they went all out and took out the inherently Japanese elements from the original story then this film could have been better. It would never be truly Death Note, but the story could have potentially been enjoyable in it’s own right. There are various other reasons that made this film all wrong, but story wise is where it really falls though as being any kind of successful.

So for those of you who watched this movie, what did you think of it? Or what made you not want to watch this movie? Let me know in the comments what you thought and we can rant together, unfiltered and ruthless!


Dropping the Ball

Hi everyone!

Major apologies for my absence. Long story short, life happened and I haven’t posted in months (as you all have probably noticed by my last posting). I didn’t plan on dropping off the face of the internet but I did… sadly.

However, I plan to continue posting on this blog. I want to get a few posts written and ready to post in the next week or two, if not then expect them come September! I have quite a few things I want to post about that are happening this month or that I’ve wanted to talk about for a while.

(**Hint hints: I’ve experienced the biggest couple tease of my life, there potentially will be a train-wreck this August that will set my favourite franchise a blaze, as well as an amazing Korean film that I can’t stop raving about. **)

So just to let everyone know… I’m not dead, the blog isn’t dead and I’m excited to post again once I get my act together this month.

Hope everyone has had a good summer so far! Found a new favourite show, song, or hobby? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Cheers to a New Year!


Hello everyone and happy new year! I hope you had a fun and safe holiday season.

Now I apologize, but this post is not going to be related to anime, k-dramas or k-pop.

Self promotion is the name of the game. So, let’s begin.

**Cough, Cough**

I work in film and started up a production company (Skoden Pictures) with a couple of great guys from university. We graduated almost a  year ago and have launched our very first crowdfunding campaign for our next short film.

If you like horror films and want more information on the project, then hop on over to our campaign page on Indiegogo!

We would really appreciate it if the campaign got shared around. And if you’re interested, each donation comes with some cool perks, like pins, t-shirts, etc.

I will also spread the love if anyone has a crowdfunding campaign they would like shared around, just comment below.

Cheers! 🙂

Anime Workouts

A new year has begun and as tradition goes, many people set out goals for themselves. You’ll hear plenty of people say they want to workout more, eat healthier, reach a goal weight, etc. But it can be difficult to keep up the momentum because you’ll hear just as often that people don’t reach their goal for many of reasons.

Why not use anime as a motivator? I’ve been there, and many others I’m sure, where you catch yourself watching 6+ hours of anime in one sitting, relaxing in bed with your favourite snack. Some may feel guilty about being a potato all day… but that quickly disappears as the next anime opening starts to play.

If you also wish to reach a workout goal for this year, here are a few anime related workouts to choose from! Continue reading

Less than stoked


Is it just me, or is there a lack of intriguing anime this fall season?

It could very well just be me, but there wasn’t even a hand full of new titles that made me excited. Yuri!!! on Ice and Keijo!!!!!!!! were the stand outs and I want to say the stories were what grabbed my attention, but I think the real reason was because their titles are quite enthusiastic.

There are a few anime from the summer that are still ongoing, like Days (TV) and the second season of Ajin started up not too long ago, but other then that there wasn’t much I wanted to add to my forever growing list of anime to watch.

I think what made me the most disappointed was that nothing really struck me as new. Which is really the only way I can describe it. That or there looked to be a lot of shoujo-esc anime whether that be from style, story, etc. that just didn’t grip me in the slightest.

I could just be going through an anime slump, and I hope all I’ll need is to watch some older titles to reinvigorate that anime-loving bug. Either way, I need some other perspectives.

But let me know your thoughts on this season’s selection of anime. And if there are titles that I should check out from this season let me know!


Many a thanks!

I’ve been busy this Halloween weekend baking, carving pumpkins, watching horror movies and hanging out with some great people. So I hope you’ve all had a great Halloween as well!

Sadly, I don’t have much of an anime related post today (I should have planned things out better…).

But I would like to thank two people that featured my Halloween Anime list on their blogs.

Karandi of 100wordanime does a segment called “In Case You Missed It” where they feature posts they found interesting that week. I was lucky enough to make the list along with many other interesting posts, that you should also check out.

LitaKino of Lita Kino Anime Corner does a bi-weekly Friday Feature where they also feature posts that caught their eye over the past 2 weeks. They picked out some great reviews in that post helped me even find some new anime to watch.

Help spread the joy of Halloween and check these people out!

(Feeling really inspired to do a features list sometime in the future… we shall see)

Thank you! And Happy Halloween ~