My Top 5 Isao Takahata Films

On April 5, 2018 we lost one of the animation greats, Isao Takahata. Being one of the four founders of Studio Ghibli, along with his friend and collaborator Hayao Miyazaki, they helped pave the way to internationalizing Japanese animation in a big way after forming this production company. Despite Miyazaki and Takahata having different approaches … Continue reading My Top 5 Isao Takahata Films


Top 7 Rom-Com anime for February

Hello all! February is the month of all things lovey dovey~ Roses, romantic dates, butterflies in your stomanch... Pfft, sorry, let's be real... it's all about the chocolate! I'm a sugar holic, don't mind me. But for real, I'm such a sap sometimes it's not even funny. Even when it comes to live action films, … Continue reading Top 7 Rom-Com anime for February